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Reasons to subscribe to the Tsunami Alarm System

Subscribe to the Tsunami Alarm System today. It is quick and easy.

Your benefits at a glance :

  • Additional protection

The Tsunami Alarm System on your mobile telephone gives you additional protection against the threat of Tsunamis. If local public warning-systems are not available or were to break down, then the Tsunami Alarm System gives you, on your mobile telephone, the best possible prior warning of Tsunamis. In the same way public warning systems frequently have the problem that warnings are not distributed effectively to the place in question, thus are for example sent out only on TV or radio broadcasts and therefore do not reach the beach.

  • Alerts at any time

The Tsunami Alarm System informs you at any time of impending Tsunamis. Especially at night, this is of great advantage since the characteristics for impending Tsunamis, such as the withdrawing of the sea or sprays on the horizon, cannot be identified at night. The Tsunami Alarm System offers you additional protection around the clock and lets you sleep more tranquilly. Incidentally, the warning signs for Tsunamis, such as the withdrawing of the sea, do not occur always but only sometimes.

  • Worldwide alerts

The Tsunami Alarm System warns you everywhere around the world of Tsunamis. You do not have to make your destination known to us beforehand and you do not have to buy specific SIM-cards. If a threat of a tsunami exists, you will be warned directly on your mobile telephone and you will receive information about the affected areas, the time when the earthquake occurred and about the intensity of the earthquake.

  • Change of the mobile telephone number

If you have a new mobile telephone number or use different SIM-cards on your trips, you can, at any time, change your mobile telephone number easily and directly on your personal customer page. With your personal user name and password, you can simply log onto your personal customer page on tsunami-alarm-system.com/en

  • Determine the period of subscription yourself

With a monthly subscription, you can choose the period freely. Thus, you can already sign up for the Tsunami Alarm System weeks before starting your trip.

  • Transfer the Tsunami Alarm System to your family or friends

If you subscribe to the Tsunami Alarm System for a whole year, then you have the possibility to transfer the subscription to your family or friends. You just have to change the particular mobile telephone number on your personal customer page. You have the great advantage that you can change your mobile telephone number at any time.

  • The Tsunami Alarm System can save lives

Before trips, travel insurance, travel health insurance or luggage insurance are mostly taken out; these are supposed to protect you particularly against financial damages. The Tsunami Alarm System can safe your own life and the life of dependants and friends in the emergency.

  • Quick and easy

In order to make use of the Tsunami Alarm System, you do not need specific devices or specific software on your mobile telephone. You only have to register here quickly and easily with your mobile telephone number and e-mail address and you then will receive the tsunami safeguard on your own mobile telephone.

This is how the Tsunami Alarm System works

Frequently asked questions about the Tsunami Alarm System

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