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European ICT Prize for German Innovation

A3M Tsunami Alarm System awarded with renowned IT Prize at German CeBIT


Hannover/Germany/CeBIT, March 20, 2007. German A3M AG, based in Tuebingen, has been awarded with the European ICT Prize for developing the Tsunami Alarm System for mobile phones. Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, handed over the award at the CeBIT, the world’s largest IT trade fair, where the 20 nominees are presenting their products at the Innovation Area in Hall 5. “All the finalists of this competition are winners”, Reding announced during the award ceremony. An international jury chose the Swabian innovation out of 450 participants from 30 countries. Despite the high technology it is based on, the system is easy to operate and can be lifesaving in case of danger in coastal areas.

The European ICT Prize (Information and Communications Technology Prize) is sponsored by the European Commission and is awarded to companies for new and innovative products and services based on information and communications technology. One of these innovations is the Tsunami Alarm System, developed by Wolfram Reiners and Eduard Heindl, which helps to protect the lives of coastal inhabitants as well as tourists or business travellers from the Tsunami hazard and is relevant for millions of people in danger areas all over the world.

The founders of the system are proud of being awarded with the ICT -Prize: „In order to create new jobs, we are currently looking for investors. The announcement effect of the European ICT Prize is of course highly important for us “, explains Eduard Heindl, one of the system’s founders. His partner Wolfram Reiners hopes for a growth of confidence in their cooperation partners due to the renowned IT Prize: „Since we want to allow as many people as possible to access the alarm system, we need strong partner enterprises in the travel industry and in the field of mobile operators. The additional positive reputation received with this important award will help us to find new distribution partners in Europe, Asia and America.“


The warning system’s main principle is simple but efficient: Seismic sensors all over the world measure earth tremors, pressure and velocity sensors placed in all oceans detect fast water changes in the sea. In case of tsunamis, advanced warning systems send out first alarm signals that are collected and analysed by the Tsunami Alarm System mainframes. Subscribers to the system then receive a prompt warning on their mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

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Tourists, business travellers, coastal inhabitants or companies that work in endangered areas can subscribe to the alarm system by entering their mobile phone number at The alert is then activated without the installation or download of any special software. Despite its high technology, the system is easy to handle for users. By setting off a text message to all registered phones, the system excellently solves the problem of the “last mile” of a tsunami – the difficulty of communicating an alert from any alarm station to the people in the coastal areas concerned.


About the Tsunami Alarm System:

The idea of a tsunami alarm system arose in December 2004 in the aftermath of the devastating destruction of the Tsunami catastrophe in the Indian Ocean. The German professors Eduard Heindl and Wolfram Reiners wanted to use modern information technology to warn people in time in case of similar occurrences, thus being able to protect human life more effectively. In order to achieve this goal, numerous technical systems must work together. The technological details of the Tsunami Alarm System are filed for patent protection at the German patent office. The Tsunami Alarm System is a product of the Tsunami Institute A3M AG under the presidency of Wolfram Reiners, Eduard Heindl and Andreas Koch with Prof. Hanns Ruder as chairman of the supervisory board.



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