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Business Partners

Information for Potential Business Partners

The A3M Mobile Personal Protection GmbH sees different organisations like travel insurances, mobile operators and other resellers that should play a special, supporting role preparing a worldwide standard for the deployment of a Tsunami alarm system.

Furthermore, distributing the Tsunami Alarm & Education System, business partners gain not only revenues and attractive content, but are also able to participate in a humanitarian project to protect citizens and travellers.

The Three Categories of Business Partners

Travel Insurances and Assistance
Mobile Operators
General Resellers

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Values for Business Partners

  • Demonstrate corporate & social responsibilities
  • Gain a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Increase corporate image & brand value
  • Increase revenues
  • Gain new customers
  • Enhance customer loyalty

Distribution Models

The Tsunami Alarm & Education System can be offered to the market both as a service embedded within a product bundle and as a stand-alone service.

Value-Add Embedded Service

As our business partner you have the option to include the Tsunami Alarm & Education System into an existing product bundle (e.g. all-inclusive package). This option increases the attractiveness of the package (added value) and promises considerably higher sales volumes than marketing the service as a stand-alone product.

Stand-Alone Subscription Service

It is also possible for you as a reseller to offer your customers a subscription to the Tsunami Alarm & Education System as a stand-alone service. On websites the service can be sold at the end of the booking procedure of other products by adding a tick-box to the booking screen.

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Facts about the Tsunami Alarm & Education System

Brief Description of the Tsunami Alarm & Education System

With the Tsunami Alarm & Education System people are able to live at the sea or visit their favourite coastal destinations, without being concerned about their safety. Subscribers receive life-saving alarms reliably and in a timely manner on their mobile telephone. To use the Tsunami Alarm & Education System there is no need for additional soft- or hardware. The user only has to register quickly and easily with his mobile phone number to receive the alarm messages on his own mobile phone.

Occurrence of Tsunamis

The following map displays the countries with high, medium or low Tsunami risk, coloured according to the risk levels.

RED: High risk of Tsunamis / ORANGE: Moderate risk of Tsunamis / YELLOW: Low risk of Tsunamis

Occurrence of Tsunamis

>>> Read more about the occurrence of Tsunamis

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Advance Warning Time before the Tsunami Arrives

The Tsunami Alarm & Education System normally sends out a warning, only minutes after a seaquake which could produce a Tsunami. This advance warning time depends upon the position of the seaquake to the respective coastal section. I.e. the greater your distance to the seaquake epicentre, the more time you have after the warning to take precautions.

Advance Warning Time before the Tsunami Arrives

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Reliability of the Tsunami Alarm & Education System

The innovative A3M danger calculation and mobile alarm dissemination technique of the Tsunami Alarm & Education System has been filed for global patent protection. It has resulted in 100% accurate and fast warnings since the launch of the A3M service in 2005.

>>> Find more in the customer FAQs

Free Subscription of the Tsunami Alarm & Education System for Executives

To receive your free subscription, please fill in our contact form accordingly.

Further Information Material

To receive further comprehensive information material, please contact us. Require one or more of the following documents:

  • Product Description
  • Information for Mobile Operators
  • Information for Travel Insurances & Assistances
  • Information for General Resellers

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