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Tsunami Alarm System

The Tsunami Alarm System informs about impending tsunami dangers worldwide. Via SMS and in the future via the Global Monitoring App.

The Tsunami Phenomenon
Occurences of Tsunamis
Tsunami Alarm Systems
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How the Tsunami Alarm System works

The system evaluates collected earthquake data from several reliable sources. Based on this information, the Tsunami Alarm System generates an automatic hazard forecast. Our 24/7 team of experienced travel security analysts takes care of the further hazard analysis and the all-clear following an alarm.

If an earthquake has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami due to its magnitude, the depth of the hypocentre and the location (distinction between seaquake and landquake), we send out corresponding tsunami warnings to our subscribers.

For severe earthquakes which are forecasted not to generate a destructive tsunami, e.g. due to their location, we do not send out a notification.

Migration of the Tsunami Alarm System to the Global Monitoring App

We will be migrating the Tsunami Alarm System to our state-of-the-art Global Monitoring App during 2022 and will no longer accept new subscribers to the Tsunami Alarm System.

The app informs you about hazards and events in your area that may have an impact on your travel or whereabouts. You receive important warnings and behavioural instructions directly on your mobile phone, quickly, location-based and reliably.

Whether political unrest, terrorism, strikes, hurricanes, earthquakes, epidemics, crime. We keep an eye on the world for you. By subscribing to the event category Tsunami, you will continue to receive all information on tsunamis worldwide, regardless of your location.

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Global Monitoring System

We recommend our Global Monitoring App as part of the Global Monitoring System.

The app not only warns you of tsunamis, but also informs you of all relevant events in your vicinity via push message to your smartphone – provided you have an existing internet connection.

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For private travelers and families

Try the app for 4 weeks for free

Download the Global Monitoring App for End Users from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The monthly subscription is already available for €2.99, the annual subscription costs €9.99. But there are also one 30-day pass.