How does the Tsunami Alarm System work?

How does the Tsunami Alarm System work?

The Tsunami Alarm System receives earthquake and tsunami warning information from a multiplicity of seismic measuring stations and tsunami warning stations from different countries all over the whole world. As a subscriber, you can be sure that your Tsunami Alarm System does not miss any warnings and that any tsunami warning will result an an alarm being sent to your mobile telephone as soon as possible.

When we send a tsunami alarm to our subscribers, it is particularly important that it does not go unnoticed. Therefore we send 3 SMS back-to-back. In this way, you become aware of the message on your display at any time of day or night and you will be able to ascertain when and where the Tsunami is expected. The Tsunami Alarm System reliably ensures that our subscribers and other people you may want to warn can apply life-saving measures several minutes before the arrival of a destructive tsunami.

Where does the Tsunami Alarm System work?

The Tsunami Alarm System works everywhere in the world covered by the GSM network assuming that your mobile telephone is logged into a GSM network in the country where you are staying. Even in the poorest developing countries and in remote areas, the GSM network is usually just as well-developed as in highly developed countries, such as Europe or the USA. When you travel in areas accessible to tourists, you should not encounter any problems with the reception of mobile phone signals. The following principle applies: Wherever you can use your mobile telephone for calls, your Tsunami Alarm System will also be able to receive tsunami warnings.

What do I, as a user of the Tsunami Alarm System, have to do?

The main feature of the Tsunami Alarm System is its ease-of-use. After all, you do not want to become a victim of such a disaster because you have made a simple user error. Accordingly, we have developed the Tsunami Alarm System to be as simple as possible.

You do not have to install or activate anything on your mobile phone. After subscribing to the Tsunami Alarm System on this web site, the principle applies: Everywhere you can use your mobile telephone for calls, you will be able to receive tsunami warnings from Tsunami Alarm. It does not matter to which GSM network you are logged on to. You do not even have to think about this.

Many of our subscribers do not want to receive calls when travelling, since calls from abroad bring about high costs. If you are also one of those people, please switch your voicemail box (answering service) off before the journey, and simply let your telephone ring if there is a call. After all, you want to enjoy your trip – while still not having to be concerned about anything else.
As long as you do not accept calls abroad, you will not have to carry any telephone charges or roaming costs.