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Travel Industry & Insurance

We intend to create a worldwide standard for the deployment of a Tsunami warning system in the travel industry. This model has been developed in conjunction with the market leaders of the travel industry using A3M technology. Such a common standard will bring an atmosphere of safety, stability and reliability, which is important for the protection of the travelling community.

Travel Insurances and Assistance
Mobile Operators
General Resellers

Special Values for the Travel Industry

  • Demonstrate corporate & social responsibilities
  • Gain a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Increase corporate image & brand value
  • Increase revenues
  • Gain new customers
  • Maintain customer loyalty

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Description for the Travel Industry

  • As a sales partner in this category you take bookings of the A3M Tsunami Alarm & Education System via your usual booking system, may it e.g. be a CRS (computer reservation system) or your website and the trigger an XML message with the customer details to A3M.
  • Usually, as a sales partner in this category you bundle the A3M Tsunami Alarm & Education System into your existing products to enhance your USPs and sales volumes.
  • The A3M Tsunami Alarm & Education System is marketed by the sales partner under A3M's brand to capitalize on A3M's positive image as widely published in the media. The sales partner's branding is however also possible.

The Partners

A3M sees several partner-organisations in the travel industry, which could play a supporting role by setting-up a worldwide standard for the use of a Tsunami warning system. These are travel insurance enterprises, tour operators, travel agency organisations as well as the associations of the travel industry.

Travel Insurers

Due to the uniform product structure and their positioning travel insurers are predestined to market the system. Regardless of the economic advantages, the travel insurers could occupy a pioneering role in a segment, which has so far been more or less ignored by other participants in the market (travel agencies would always like to distribute good news). As our previous discussions show, the Tsunami Alarm & Education System perfectly completes both existing travel insurance services and assistance services.

Various service versions could be offered and would perfectly complement already existing products such as for example the “Rundum-Sorglos” offers. The Tsunami Alarm & Education System can be embedded into normal insurance products, or can alternatively also be marketed separately. The distinction between business travellers and holiday-makers can be made without problems. Individually adapted solutions are offered for all travellers.

Tour Operators

The position of the tour operators with respect to the support of the Tsunami Alarm & Education System is hazy. Tour operators would like to spread good news. All negative aspects in the run-up to a travel booking could endanger the booking. In the same way tour operators fear that customers avoid visiting potentially dangerous regions.

The market will, however, see it as the duty of a tour operator to inform travellers of the existence of a Tsunami warning system. Failing not to point this out to the customer may currently not involve any legal consequences. However, it would lead to a disaster for the travel industry in the media if further deaths and injuries were to be recorded, even though the existence of a warning system was recognized.

Tour operators could support the warning system through a reference to an all-including insurance product for travellers. Appropriate information in travel pamphlets, or a link to the appropriate insurance company on the web site would be suitable.

Travel Agency Organizations

The organizations of the travel agencies also fear problems when marketing warning messages, since these impair the feel-good factor. In many cases the employee of the travel agency is the only person the traveller acquaints during the time of making the travel booking. From this person he/she should and will expect to receive all necessary information and references concerning travel risks. Similar to a tour operator the travel agency industry can support the Tsunami Alarm & Education System by pointing out all-inclusive insurance products. An economical aspect is also contained in this for the travel agency.

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Further Information Material

To receive further comprehensive information material, please contact us.

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