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Mobile Operators

Mobile Operators, like Internet and TV providers, are constantly on the lookout for content that adds additional value. The Tsunami Alarm & Education System represents highly interesting mobile content. It meets both high market demand and a humanitarian dimension.

We offer Mobile Operators the opportunity to include the Tsunami Alarm & Education System into their product portfolio. Furthermore, the warning product leads to additional revenues for Mobile Operators as users leave their mobile phones on roaming when travelling abroad.

With the Tsunami Alarm & Education System, Mobile Operators gain not only revenues and attractive mobile content, but are also able to participate in a humanitarian project to protect citizens and travellers.

Special Values for Mobile Operators

  • Demonstrate corporate & social responsibilities
  • Gain a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Increase corporate image & brand value
  • Increase revenues by increased roaming income
  • Gain new customers
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Support mobile lifestyle strategy

Description for Mobile Operators

  • You as a Mobile Operators bundle the A3M Tsunami Alarm & Education System into your existing services (e.g. premium or business subscriber packages) to enhance your USPs and sales volumes.
  • You as a Mobile Operators can also offer the A3M Tsunami Alarm & Education System as a stand-alone product to your subscribers, usually as a renewable monthly subscription. Bookings of A3M services can be taken via your usual booking system, may it e.g. be a WAP portal, your website, an SMS portal, IVR portal or call centre.
  • Usually, the A3M Tsunami Alarm & Education System is marketed by the sales partner under A3M's brand to capitalize on A3M's positive image as widely published in the media. The sales partner's branding is however also possible.

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