// Phenomenon Tsunami

The formation of a tsunami

Tsunamis threaten the coasts and beaches all over the world. They occur in all oceans and seas, including the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Pacific and in large lakes. About 10% of all tsunamis reach the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. 

// The formation of a tsunami

Before the earthquake

The Indo-Australian plate is slowly pushing itself under the Eurasian plate with unimaginable force. The plates get caught and tensions build up in the rock.


Indian-Australian plate


Eurasian plate


Indian Ocean

// The formation of a tsunami

During the earthquake

The enormous tension at the edge of the Eurasian plate is becoming too great. The edge of the plate loosens and snaps back into its original position. The tensions, which have often built up over the years, are discharged in a sudden, jerky movement. These movements can then be felt as earthquakes.
// The formation of a tsunami

After the earthquake

The sea floor has moved a few meters upwards. The water masses that are above the edge of the plate are displaced in a very short time. The resulting tsunami spreads in all directions in a circle.

We would like to equip you with the knowledge to recognize the early warning signs of a tsunami and understand how tsunamis develop. In this section of the web site we therefore make some information about the tsunami phenomenon available to you.